Wastewater treatment plants, tanks and barrels

Hello. You are at the webpage Rezervoari.BG, property of WWTP- Bulgaria Company, part of Phoenix Inverse Group Lovech.

Main activity in our business is the manufacturing and constructing of wastewater treatment plants (WWTP), and the trade with plastic tanks and barrels, manufactured by our company.

We are the only Bulgarian manufacturer of plastic tanks and barrels designed for WWTP and for household needs.

Along with this WWTP - Bulgaria has own facility base for manufacturing of plastic tanks and barrels designed for the food industries, equipped with all necessary permits and certificates for use.

Our advantages are based on the very- competitive rates of the items manufactured in Bulgaria with Belgian technologies; and also based on the last generation machines and materials used for the producing of tanks and barrels.

Our self- made hi-technology WWTP and installations are largely and successfully used for cleaning the water of single real estates, living quarters and even whole villages and towns.

In case of additional questions do not hesitate to contact WWTP - Bulgaria; you will receive all answers you need.

In case you plan large projects, please, you are welcome into our office for direct negotiations in our base.

The motto of our business is: full guarantee, clear purposes and responsibility.

Do it with us, we are doing it better than all!


Резервоари за вода

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Стройко есен 2012 г. (17.10-23.10)

Привет от Резервоари.БГ Скъпи приятели, тази година отново ще имаме възможност да се видим с Вас на строителното изложение "СТРОЙКО", което ще се проведе между 17.10-23.10. в гр. София…

Олимпиада 2012

Привет от Резервоари.БГ Всякакви "експерти" се изказаха относно нашето участие в Лондон, затова и ние, макар и като лаици, си позволяваме да напишем няколко реда. Много се…

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wastewater treatment plants

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