WWTP- Bulgaria produces vertical PVC- made tanks with different volume: 1500, 2200 and 5000 liters; and different colors.

Our tanks are made from fresh material- elemental polyethylene, which guarantees their high quality, and that are designed for containing of food and none- food products; water and other liquids, filth, etc.

The tanks are thick and hard pretty enough for their functions.

The surface of the inside and outside walls is smooth, with no cracks, dents, bubbles or seams; which make them very easy for cleaning and exploitation.

The manufacturing of tanks is performed according to regulation number 1935/ 2004 of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union from 27. 10. 2004. accordingly to the objects and materials that have contact with food products.

Along with this our products are tested in official laboratory, they cover all quality and hygiene standards of the Bulgarian law accordingly to work with foods (standard EN 1186- 9, Order 2).

WWTP produces all vertical PVC- made tanks in modifications as following:

By volume: 500, 1000, 1500, 2200, 5000 liters.

By color: green, blue, white, yellow, black, and orange.

All our tanks can be maintained, cleared and transported very easy.

big tanks

small tanks


Резервоари за вода

Искате да си построите къща, искате да изградите поливна система за Вашия двор? Включете във Вашия проект пречиствателна станция или резервоар за съхранение на вода. Разходите по…

Стройко есен 2012 г. (17.10-23.10)

Привет от Резервоари.БГ Скъпи приятели, тази година отново ще имаме възможност да се видим с Вас на строителното изложение "СТРОЙКО", което ще се проведе между 17.10-23.10. в гр. София…

Олимпиада 2012

Привет от Резервоари.БГ Всякакви "експерти" се изказаха относно нашето участие в Лондон, затова и ние, макар и като лаици, си позволяваме да напишем няколко реда. Много се…

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