Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP)

The purification of municipal wastewaters is very actual task today, because the wastewaters contain a large amount of chemicals and contaminations that infect the environment and destroy the ecosystems.

Because of this the wastewaters must be purified from toxic substances down to the acceptable levels based on the norms, before the turning of these waters back to the nature.

The wastewater treatment plants manufactured by WWTP - Bulgaria have a huge contribution for the creation of a clear environment.

This is because we have all necessary certificates and ecological permits for producing and creating of such kind of equipment.

Our constructions are high efficient, they do not require some complicated mounting, have economically consuming of electricity and require simple maintenance.

The small WWTP are designed for places with missing sewerage, or with no possibility for connection with existing sewerage. The usage of septic holes is no longer available because of the new regulations of the European Union.

WWTP - Bulgaria Company has a complete closed cycle of manufacturing.

A powder is made from fresh material- polyethylene with low pressure and precise quality dimensions, and with this powder and bright new technologies are made tanks with volume up to 5000 liters.

These tanks are the base of the following manufacture of WWTP and equipments, which our company installs and maintains through their exploitation.

The assortment range of WWTP – Bulgaria includes a large amount of production including WWTP with capacity from 4500 to 16 500 liters.

The work of one WWTP consists 3 phases:

1. Pre- purification

The first tank is used for the phase called pre- purification (raw purification). This tank receives waste water directly from the households. This wastewater contains approximately 1/3 water from the toilets and 2/3 water from the plumbing (from washing machines, etc.).

In this first phase the water is pre- purified and prepared for the next. A decomposition of the biological dirt in the wastewater starts with adding of special enzymes and bacteria’s in anaerobic environment. This process leads to the transforming of the wastewater into a homogeneous solution, containing all kinds of pollutions that can be additionally decomposed after that.

2. Purification

In this second phase the bacteria’s are decomposed and the hazardous substances are eliminated by sticking of air in an aerobic environment. An aerator put in the tank is supplied with air with the necessary pressure and flow by a special pump. The aerator produces a large amount of fine air bubbles that share out in the tank and create a perfect environment for a fierce increase of the bacterium’s leading to assimilation of the hazardous substances by their decomposition.

In the process of “feeding” the enzymes and bacterium’s perform a self- destroying after the finish of their work, because of this it is very important the proper doses of hem to be added at the exact time for the proper work of the system.

3. Post- purification

The third phase of purification is performed in the last tank. The whole left large particles in the cleared already wastewaters are eliminated by a sedimentator (the wastewaters are purified up to 95- 97%). All not- eliminated hazardous substances perform sediment at the bottom of the tank (which is a kind of soft clay or suspension that can be used for fertilization).

At this phase the already purified water can leave out the WWTP and to be used for pouring, washing, WC, etc. For this is created a drainage system for pouring on downhill terrains, or to be contained in an additional tank, from which to be pumped out. This same tank can store rainwater. This rainwater must be cleaned by a filter in the culvert, which filter can be found in our production inventory too.

Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP)

A - Pre- purification.
B - Purification.
C - Post- purification.

1. Input (diameter 110 mm).
2. Overflow drain.
3. Aerator.
4. Post- purification overflow drain.
5. Output.
6. Sediment layer at the bottom of the tank.


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